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The Future of youthful skin has arrived! New skincare solutions from naturalism and microbiome skincare collection

Use water from nature

We find the most effective ingredients for the skin in nature. Inspired by fermented water that breathes on its own in nature, we provide skin care solution that delivers nature intact to the skin.

Perfume & Pigment-free

We maintain a transparent, clean nature as it is. We study to provide maximum efficacy to the skin, maintaining the natural form of the ingredients by being fragrance-free and coloring-free.


We exclude irritating factors on the skin. We exclude harmful ingredients such as paraben and phenoxyethanol and use a minimum of synthetic ingredients to maximize the efficacy without irritation.


RELIPY Relaxing Cream$39.00

Contains 628,215ppm of Yeast Fermentation Filtrate most like Human Cells Contains 11,100ppm of Centella Asiatica Extract Contains 30,000ppm of truly patented ingredients Improv...

Whole Grain Exfoliator Spray$14.99

Refines & improves rough body skin texture Exfoliation, improves Skin Texture Complexion, Skin Hydration Uses naturally derived ingredients instead of abrasive scrub materi...

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