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Skin care so natural you can almost taste it.

CAOLION, the first Korean natural skincare brand,
was created by a visionary woman who drew inspiration from nature’s wisdom.

Founded as a natural, visibly effective solution for sensitive skin,
CAOLION marries rare craftsmanship with highly innovative formulation expertise to develop sensorial
and effective skin care that reveals and enhances your natural beauty.

CAOLION’s Promise

    • First,

      Eliminate Hazardous Chemicals.

      To remain aligned with our “Minus Beauty” philosophy, we do not use chemical and artificial fragrances. Note the scent of each natural raw ingredient, which is affected by various factors like climate, cultivation environment and time of harvest, may not smell familiar. Unlike other brands that use synthetic perfumes, CAOLION abstains from adding unnecessary fragrances to our skincare products to ensure optimal performance and safety for skin.

    • Second,

      Remove Impurities and Toxins in Skin

      CAOLION promises to heal and revitalize skin by using essential amounts of natural ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin.

    • Third,

      Minimize the Need for Makeup

      CAOLION products calm and rejuvenate skin to unveil your skin’s natural beauty without the need for heavy makeup.

The Story Behind CAOLION’s Logo

CAOLION is creating a new culture and a world we can all embrace together.
This is the path we’ll always take to become the best-ever cosmetic brand.

  • The Story Behind CAOLION’s Products

    • Skin care starts with your pores

      Where is Pore?


    • Purifies and balances the skin



    • Rejuvenates the skin by boosting elasticity and brightening

      P-Tox & Magic Black Powder


CAOLION Brand Story

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