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The Future of 

Nature-Derma Technology

Starting in 1995, CAOLION has grown into a global brand that can be found in over 40 countries.

CAOLION is a unique Nature-Derma technology that combines the strong vitality found in nature and ingredients that are irritating to the skin.

- The minimum amount that good ingredients of natural raw materials can be absorbed without burden

- Combination of natural raw materials that produce maximum synergy with the combination of ingredients

- Optimal combination and ratio of natural ingredients that can be gently absorbed into the skin

Our Founding Story

One woman with extremely sensitive skin thought, If one could eat their skincare, those with skin like hers would be able to use it without worrying.

With this in mind, she decided to create the most gentle skincare possible, even tasting it in the process While all other brands focused on fragrances, textures, and applicability, Caolion minimized the use of harsh ingredients and added only the essential amounts of natural ingredients needed by the skin. 

Instead of creating products that show immediate results, 

Caolion strives to make skincare that will awaken your skin’s natural strength and beauty.

Eun Hee JOO Founder