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Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick(Charcoal) P

ㆍ15 second miracle! Cleansing stick for all skin types
ㆍSimple & thorough cleansing
ㆍSkin care with cleansing stick
ㆍHypoallergenic cleansing
ㆍCleanses impurities

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What it is:

Cleanse in only 15 seconds – without dripping! This solid-to-foam delivers perfect makeup cleansing to the lips, eyes and face.

What it is formulated to do:

1) Deeply cleanses and removes blackheads and impurities within pores.
2) Removes all makeup.
3) Exfoliates and removes microdust and other particles.
4) Ideal for all skin types.

Suggested Usage

Apply stick to wet face and massage gently to lather and cleanse. Rinse off with lukewarm water. *Clean the stick after use.

Precautions :

1. If the following symptoms occur, discontinue use and contact a physician. Continued use may result in worsened symptoms.
a) In case skin itches, reddens or becomes sensitive.
b) In case above symptoms occur after contact with direct sunlight.
2. Do not use on wounds, swollen areas or rashes.
3. Avoid eye area.
4. Usage and maintenance of products.
a) Close cap after use.
b) Keep out of reach of children.
c) Do not store in extreme heat or cold and keep out of direct sunlight.


Key Ingredient :

– Charcoa
– Sunflower Oil
– Lora Anti-S, Chamomile

Ingredient :

Charcoal, Sunflower Oil, Lora Anti-S, Chamomile.

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