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CAOLION: the most gentle and effective skin care in the world.

At CAOLION, we value integrity as much as we do visible results.
This is why we don’t simply refer to ourselves as an “all-natural” cosmetic brand.
Our formulations aren’t only limited to Earth-grown ingredients because “all natural” doesn’t necessarily always mean better, or even safer.

In fact, natural substances on their own can sometimes be irritating and harmful to skin.

To provide you with the most gentle yet high-performance skin care possible,
our technology carefully blends the most skin-transformative natural ingredients with minimum amounts of synthetic components.
The two work in synergy to ensure your skin optimally absorbs and reaps all the benefits of Nature’s wonders — without irritation,
with newfound clarity and glow.

Working at our best to stay the best.

The most gentle and effective skin care in the world,
CAOLION offers maximum levels of skin-loving natural ingredients in all our formulations to deliver visible skin transformation.
Our products are created with passion, perseverance and our innovative skincare technology.

    Manufacturing Center

    Most cosmetic brands manufacture with OEMs for cost reduction and convenience or partner with mass production facilities.

    At CAOLION, we create all our products in our own manufacturing facility to ensure all our formulations are developed with utmost effort using the most advanced technology fueled by our special manufacturing methods and secret recipes.

    This way, we can ensure the most superior-quality, high-performance skincare products in the market.

    Distribution Center

    Natural cosmetics are more sensitive than their traditional counterparts and, therefore, are unlikely to maintain their freshness at regular distribution centers.

    CAOLION owns a one-stop distribution center with an exclusive laboratory and manufacturing facility.

    To deliver the highest-quality products to our customers, we diligently monitor our distribution center to ensure ideal temperature, humidity, light and sanitary conditions so every product is fresh until the moment we ship.

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